Length of Course: 9 hours

Course Level: Instructor

Who teaches this course? This course is taught by an NRA-certified appointed Training Counselor.

Teaching locations: Medford, Ridge and Uniondale, our Travel Training Team is also available
Course Description: Certified Range Safety Officers may attend a Chief Range Safety Officer course put on by an NRA Training Counselor who also holds the Chief Range Safety Officer certification. This is an instructor-level course, so the training counselor must make sure that the individual has been through the NRA Basic Instructor Training, which is a minimum of 6 hours. This course, accompanied with the Basic Range Safety Officer’s course, is given to the Chief Range Safety Officer candidate. The Chief Range Safety Officer candidate will receive the Range Safety Officer Lesson Plans and Range Safety Officer Student Packet.

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Topics covered to include:  

  • Provides Chief Range Safety Officers with the knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to organizing, conducting, and supervise safe shooting activities and range operations.
  • Chief Range Safety Officers will also be able to make NRA Certified Range Safety Officers.

Required Equipment:

  • Must have passed NRA Basic Instructor Training
  • Must have passed NRA Range Safety Officer
  • Pad and paper
  • Positive Attitude!