Florida CCW

Length of Course: 4 hours
Course Level: Starter


Teaching locations:, Medford, Ridge, Uniondale, and our Travel Training Team



In order to apply for the Florida CCW you must attend our NRA First Steps Pistol  or NRA Basic Pistol Course.

You will also need fingerprinting, notary and passport photos. Please email us to schedule any of these. Prints – $20
Notary – $10
Photos – $20
If you have begun to do the Florida CCW on your own, we can finish it for you! If you have not started we can take care of everything for you.

“As of 2/1/13 the PA Attorney General passed a law that the FL non resident CCW is NO longer honored in PA”. PA is still also NO longer recognizing the UT non resident CCW.



Topics covered to include:

  • First Steps Pistol
  • Prints
  • Notary
  • Photos

Required / Classes:

  • You must take first steps pistol or NRA Basic Pistol to get a Florida CCW
  • 4 hours of class time
  • Range time approximately 20 minutes