Becoming an Instructor


NRA Instructor Training courses developed by the National Rifle Association (NRA) and conducted by Certified NRA Training Counselors working with Dynamic Firearms Training are held throughout the year for qualified individuals who have passed the necessary assessment to take the discipline related Instructor Course.  NRA Training Counselors provide instructor candidates with the practical knowledge and skills needed to instruct students for beginner students in the specific disciplines they will be certified in. Instructor candidates completing and passing these courses, and completing the required NRA certification application process, will achieve the necessary knowledge skills and attitude necessary for instructing the particular firearm training disciplines they are certified in. 
All NRA Instructor training courses have the pre-requisite of the Basic Instructor training course and pre-course assessment.  This course is a six and a half (6.5) hour classroom-only course, which covers the common firearms instruction techniques, policy & procedure, and other information needed for all instructors to successfully teach firearms training courses. Pre-course assessments may be conducted at any prior training session offered or by calling our school and making an appointment

Becoming an NRA Instructor

Becoming an NRA firearms instructor is done by completing these four easy steps.
  1. Take and pass a pre-course assessment for the discipline in which you want to become an instructor candidate in.
  2. Take the NRA Basic Instructor training course, which is valid for a period of two years no matter how many discipline specific courses you follow with.
  3. Complete the NRA 'Discipline Specific' training courses you wish to be certified in this includes passing the instructors exam.
  4. Submit the NRA instructor application with applicable certification and processing fees to the NRA.

Instructor Training Discipline Sequence

The following chart illustrates the progression of training needed to move from basic to advanced NRA instructor disciplines.  Note:
  • The Basic Instructor Training course is required for all disciplines except Range Safety Officer which is not an instructor ranking.
  • The Basic Pistol discipline followed by PPITH then PPOTH is a branch that needs to be completed in that order.
  • The Personal Protection Outside The Home Instructor Course has the additional pre-requisite of the PPITH Advance Student course.
  • The Metallic Cartridge Reloading, Shotgun Shell Reloading and Range Safety Officer disciplines can be accomplished through Home Study by a Certified NRA instructor but it is best to get the hands on experience with these courses.
  • The Chief Range Safety Officer requires both the Range Safety Officer and Basic Instructor Training Courses as pre-requisites.

What You Take Home

All NRA Basic Firearm Instructor Courses come with a complete set of materials needed to successfully teach the discipline being taught, including:
Discipline specific student pack:
  • Handbook
  • Student Exam
  • NRA Gun Safety Rules Brochure
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Basic Practical Rocker and Flyer
  • Basic Firearm Training Program Brochure
  • Marksmanship Qualification Program Booklet

Discipline specific Instructor candidate pack:

  • Course Report Form
  • Lesson Plans
  • Course CD and Power Points (if applicable)
  • Instructor Materials Order Form
  • Instructor Certification Application
  • Instructor Certification Examination
  • NRA Trainers Guide & Exam

Key Course Benefits

NRA Instructor Training Courses teach you the knowledge, skills, and attitude that are needed to successfully instruct Basic NRA training courses.  In addition:
  • NRA Certified Instructors qualify to take the NRA Basic Range Safety Officer Course as a validation course. The Basic Range Safety Officer validation course is offered and taken as part of the Home Study Program.
  • You will soon qualify to become a Training Counselor. In this position, you have the responsibility of teaching (new) NRA Instructors.
  • Once you receive your certificate (suitable for framing) from NRA, you will receive your identification card. You will also receive a free subscription of the NRA Shooting Education Update, a newsletter published periodically for all NRA Trainers.
  • Program information, training schedules, book reviews, material updates and more are provided. Additionally, the Update provides an open forum for the exchange of information and ideas on firearm safety and marksmanship education.
  • You become an even more valuable resource for your community. NRA Certified Instructors are leaders who provide a very important service. Because of your dedication to the shooting sports, you are providing a chance for others to enjoy the same benefits of firearm ownership that you have enjoyed in the past.
Successful completion of all lessons, course objectives and required minimum examination score, will earn instructor candidate an NRA authorized completion certificate specific to each training discipline certification training has earned.
In addition, those students completing an NRA instructor training program leading to certification will automatically be provided Civilian Marksmanship Program membership and issued a CMP membership card.

Certified NRA Training Counselors

Dynamic Firearms Training only Certified NRA Training Counselors when conducting NRA Instructor courses.  The counselors providing this training will include individuals who have:

Training Certifications

At a minimum, all certifications to lead the instruction for all NRA Instructor training courses normally taught in an lead counselor role, including Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, and Personal Protection level training.


Our Lead Training Counselors have numerous years experience conducting all of the courses they teach. Our Training Counselors in many cases have additional training including but not limited to emergency management, law enforcement, Self Defense, Security and Terrorism/ Crime Prevention

Other Activities

Many of our instructors do not limit their involvement with Firearm expertise to the classroom.  Dynamic Firearms Training instructors and training counselors work to improve the sport through activism efforts locally and nationwide.

Our Instructor Training Philosophy

Is to train instructor to be the very best they can by using a hands on approach where candidates will get to develop their knowledge skill and attitude in a safe non-confrontational environment with other instructor candidates. Once your classroom and range training have been completed we invite each candidates who has successfully completed their instructor training to come back for the mentoring phase working side by side with your training counselor assisting in teaching a class allowing for feedback and the honing of your teaching skills. During the mentoring process it is imperative that each instructor obtain their own instructor insurance to protect themselves and the school.
You hear and you forget
You read and your learn
You do and you understand
It is this very philosophy we use in all of our training courses and what makes our Instructors Mentoring Program such a great success. A firearms instructor has to develop a wide range of skills. Through our mentoring program we strive to impart the skills necessary to successfully teach students the NRA Basic Firearms Courses by actually doing it. Instructors will always be judged by their students based on their knowledge skill and attitude some things you may want to keep in mind is that they come to you for your understanding knowledge and skill. In order to be the best instructor possible, it is imperative that you spend time honing your skills set with practice this will help improve your shooting abilities and competing in events with other of a higher or same skill set will also improve your skill set.

In order to complete your registration, please look through the course offerings, place your desired course into your shopping cart, and make a deposit or full payment for the course desired.